The Itsy Bitsy Farmer

Fresh Food Products for the Home

Tanglewood Fresh is all about fresh produce, but we constantly get asked about how to do what we do.  The Itsy Bitsy Farmer is a brand of Tanglewood Fresh specifically created to bring the joys of food production to the home.  The main product line is our At Home Grow Kits.  At Home Grow Kits allow individuals to grow many of the same quality freshly harvested produce products we offer for themselves.  Our At Home Grow Kits are put together utilizing the same production principles that we use on our own farm, just smaller.  Grow Kits include the seed, soil and container all in one for easy use.  They are sold dry, meaning that you can buy kits, place them on a shelf and start the process when you're ready.  Just add water and grow!

Every variety has different growth requirements, and each grow kit comes with basic directions on the label.  Utilize the more detailed instructions below if you need additional clarification.

Sunflower Shoot At Home Grow Kit

Pea Shoot Shoot At Home Grow Kit

Micro Radish Mix At Home Grow Kit

Superfood Mix At Home Grow Kit

Micro Broccoli At Home Grow Kit

Wheatgrass At Home Grow Kit

In addition to our At Home Grow Kits, The Itsy Bitsy Farmer also offers seed and Started Grow Kits. 


Seed is pretty simple.  We provide the exact same seed we use on our farm in seed packets specifically for microgreen production for you to test your green thumb as a micro farmer.  We provide the seed, you do the rest.


Started Grow Kits are larger containers (4X larger than At Home Grow Kits) that we start and ensure are growing properly before delivery.  You receive a container filled with plants at least 4 days old, past the germination stage, and may be ready for harvest immediately or up 10 days, depending on the variety and when the crop was planted.  All Started Grow Kits are available only at farmers markets as we decide to grow them or by special order.  You tell us when you want to harvest, we make sure it's ready.