For Farmers

We work directly with local farmers to provide our customers (individual consumers, food service businesses and retail stores) with fresh local produce.  The concept is simple, but the implementation is much more complex.
Our customers are busy, and looking for convenient options to source products from.  Outside of farmers markets, that unfortunately, means meeting with many different farmers and sampling their products just isn't an option.  In addition to quality products, they're looking for simplicity, consistency and professionalism.  We offer our customers exactly that.
As a Tanglewood Fresh Farm Partner, you tell us what you have available to sell for the week, and we find a place to sell it.  You get to spend your time doing what you enjoy doing, growing produce, and we take care of the less fun stuff.  
How it works:
  1. Fill out the Farm Partner application.  Tell us about your farm and what you produce.
  2. Complete an on farm visit.  A representative will visit your operation and get a better understanding of your farm and products.
  3. Give a weekly report of available products.  We compile the weekly reports from our Farm Partners and determine how to best market the produce.
  4. Have produce ready for pickup.  We will notify you of the produce we are able to buy and will pick it up and write you a check on the spot.  
Our Farm Partners are the backbone of Tanglewood Fresh.  We have no interest in competing with our partners.  Many Farm Partners participate in regional farmers markets as a way to sell their produce, which we encourage.  We also participate in farmers markets, but we only offer specialty products produced on our own farm.