Subscription Programs

Tanglewood Fresh subscription programs provide our members with a consistent supply of fresh produce and regionally sourced products, regardless of the season.  Members sign up for a seasonal subscription program, and receive a weekly delivery of the current harvest.  Deliveries are made to several drop-off locations around the FM area and available for pickup as it's convenient for the member. 
Members enjoy discounted pricing, but unlike a traditional CSA program, there is no upfront payment required, making the subscription much more accessible.  Subscription program enrollment is only open four times per year for two weeks leading up to the start date.  Contact us to be included on the wait list, and we will inform you when an enrollment period opens.
Our microgreen subscription program has been highly anticipated, and we finally have some details figured out.  For more information on the Tanglewood Fresh Microgreen Subscription Program, click here.
Our first microgreen subscription program will start October 1st.  Enrollment will open September 16th and close September 30th.  The next microgreen subscription enrollment period will not open until December 23rd.  For more information, use the Contact Us form.