About Us

Our Story

Tanglewood Fresh is an urban farm and specialty produce company based in Fargo, ND.  Executive Farmer and founder Dustin Smith started in agriculture as a high school student, went on to study crop production and agricultural business and spent many years typical of agriculture professionals in the Red River Valley.  He always had hopes of farming himself one day, but with high land prices and low commodity prices, among many other things, the allure of farming big fields and driving big equipment gave way to bigger opportunities wrapped up in a smaller package. 


In the spring of 2019, Tanglewood Fresh was conceived.  Our initial quest was to provide chef's across the region with specialty produce not available from local suppliers, and with that idea we started our farm.  Starting with microgreens in our basement, we now operate in a commercial building and offer continuous production of leafy greens, culinary herbs and a large variety of microgreens.

Unlike traditional food distribution, sourcing potentially from thousands of miles away and products spend several days in warehouses and on trucks, we produce highly perishable products for local markets.  Because of how we grow, we can produce a consistent product no matter the weather with minimal handling, minimal transportation and potentially delivered within hours of harvest.  

Microgreens are essentially the infant version of full sized plants.  They typically have a very similar but more intense flavor profile, they're very tender and in the case of some products a very different texture.  There are three big reasons why Microgreens are becoming extremely popular. 

  1. Culinary - Their culinary applications in restaurants is undeniable.  They are very visually appealing on a plate, and usually provide significant flavor to accent your entree.  Unlike the days of wilted garnishes off to the side of your meal, microgreens are being used as a primary component of the dish.  

  2. Nutrient Density - Plants don't accumulate many nutrients as they grow, they just get bigger.  The research shows that microgreens have anywhere from four to 40 times the nutrient density compared to the full sized plant, so you get the nutrient punch of your veggies in bite sized quantities.

  3. Continuous Production - We grow in a very controlled environment.  Long after traditional produce farms are done for the season, we are still putting out two harvests per week, so you have access to local, fresh greens even in the dead of winter.