About Us

Our Story

Tanglewood Fresh is an urban farm and specialty produce company based in Fargo, ND.  Executive Farmer and founder Dustin Smith started in agriculture as a high school student, went on to study crop production and agricultural business and spent many years typical of agriculture professionals in the Red River Valley.  He always had hopes of farming himself one day, but with high land prices and low commodity prices, among many other things, the allure of farming big fields and driving big tractors gave way to bigger opportunities wrapped up in a smaller package. 


In the spring of 2019, Tanglewood Fresh was conceived.  Our initial quest was to provide chef's across the region with specialty produce not available from local suppliers, and with that idea we started our farm.  Today, we offer products grown on our farm as well as products sourced from other local farms, items that we don't have available, to make sure our customers have a complete selection of fresh produce.  Aside from supplying many of the regions restaurants with quality, local options, we make our products available to the public through farmers markets, CSA programs and our online store.